jual: MIKRO Relay MK220,MK1000A,MK233A,MK234A,MK203A,MK204A,MK231A,232A ect


Overcurrent and Earth Fault Protection Relay.

Low and High setting Overcurrent & Earth Fault Protection Relay.

Microprocessor based numerical relay.

Ready stock :

type : MK2200l,MK2200,MK1000A,MK233A,MK234A,MK203A,MK204A,MK231A,MK232A,MK201A,MK202A,MK300A,MK300EA,MK330A,MK302A,MK301A,MK301E.MIKRO CURRENT RELAY.

DIN330,DIN310,DIN310E,DIN300,DIN300E , MIKRO Tripped Relay Zeroing Current Transformer.

ZCT40S,ZCT60S,ZCT80S,ZCT120S,ZCT210S , MIKRO Zeroing Current Transformer.Meter.

DM38 , MIKRO Digital Meter.

MU350,MU250,MU150,MU2300 , MIKRO Multi Numerical Voltage Protection Relay.

MX210 , Numerical VoltageProtection Relay.

MX200A,MX180A,MX160A,MX100,MX50 , MIKRO Numerical Voltage Protection Relay.

RPR415A,RPR415,RPR140,RPR120,RPR80,RPR60 , MIKRO Reverse Power Monitor


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