Jual: AMPROBE Voltage Detector.

Ready stock AMPROBE Multi Voltage Detector TIC 300 PRO,Voltage Detector 30V-122kV with Telescopic Stick Set,Use for Voltage Detector Low Voltage/Medium Voltage/High Voltage/Electrical Power Lane .mailto: swatechelectrica@gmail.com


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SWATECH is sub site of SWATECH ELECTRICA General Electrical supplies & Stockist. Phone : +62 21 2210-6356 Mobile / WA : +62 812 2277-7236 / +62 812 2277-7623 E-mail : swatechelectrica@gmail.com Fuses,Automations,Relays,Modules,Instruments,Safeties,Protection,Accessories,Kits,Tool,Detector,Genset,Trafo. Relay Brand-VIPAM1250,VIPAM3000,Sepam S20,S40,S42,S80,S81,T20,T40T42,T87,M20,M40,M41,M87,G40,G87,G88,B21,B22,B80-MiCOM P122,P123,P127,P142,P532,P921-Mikro MK2200,MK1000A,MU,MX,AL,AN,ZCT,DM,DAM,DVM,DPM,RPR,PFR,MPR-Crompton 253PAPW,253PVEW,253....,252....,256....,373 Crompton-RF4R arteche 110-125V dc-7PA3032,Siprotec 7SJ80,7SJ60,7SJ62,7SJ64 SIEMENS,7SR10,7SR11,7SR12,7PG15,7SG11-SEG,SELEC-CC-E-VA Entrelec ABB,TC-E-VA Entrelec ABB,Fuse SIBA 10/24kV,Fuse SIBA 3/7.2kV,Fuse SIBA 6/12kV,Fuse Fusarc 24kV,Fuse Fusar c 12kV,Fuse Fusarc 6kV,Fuse Fusarc 7.2kV,Fuse EFEN,Fuse ETI,Fuse Bussmann,Fuse Mersen,Fuse SIEMENS,Fuse Alstom,Fuse Areva,Fuse GAE,Fuse jean Muller-Hot Stick/Grounding Set Ritz,NIHON,HUBBELL,AB Chane,Ground TD,HASEGAWA,JITAI,SEW-Terminating Raychem,Jointing Raychem,3M,CSS,DENSON,Elastimold,Euromold-Isolator Sediver,Isolator NGK,Isolator RIK,Isolator NIHON,Isolator HUBBELL-Surge Arrester NIHON,Surge Arrester RIK-Tester Megger MS-2A,Sperker900,Kyoritsu,TaiKwang,Hasegawa,CT/VT/PT Trafindo,Transformer Trafindo.

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