Relay Crompton

Ready all Variant Relay Crompton :

Current Relay:

253-PAPW,Over Current Relay 3PH 4W.

252-PAOW,Over Current Relay 1PH.

252-PAUW,Under Current Relay 1PH.

253-PADW,Under+Over Current Relay 1PH.

Voltage Relay ( with Adjustable Diff ):

253-PVEW,Under+Over Voltage Relay 3PH 4W.

253-PVMW,Under+Over Voltage Relay 3PH 3W.

253-PVBW,Under+Over Voltage Relay 1PH.

252-PVVW,Under Voltage Relay 3PH 4w.

252-PVKW,Under Voltage Relay 3PH 3W.

252-PVUW,Under Voltage Relay 1PH.

252-PVOW,Over Voltage Relay 1PH.

252-PVPW,Over Voltage Relay 3PH 4W.

252-PVAW,Over Voltage Relay 3PH 4W.

Voltage Relay ( with Adjustable Time Delay ):

252-PVXW,Under Voltage Relay 3PH 4W.

252-PVJW,Under Voltage Relay 3PH 3W.

252-PVZW,Under Voltage Relay 1PH.

252-PVSW,Over Voltage Relay 3PH 4W.

252-PVCW,Over Voltage Relay 3PH 3W.

252-PVHW,Over Voltage Relay 1PH.

Frequency Relay:

252-PHUW,Under Frequency Relay 1PH.

252-PHOW,Over Frequency Relay 1PH.

253-PHDW,Under+Over Frequency Relay 1PH.

Reverse Power Relay:

256-PASW,Reverse Power relay 1PH or 3PH 4W.

256-PATW,Reverse Power Relay 3PH 4W.

Phase Sequence Relay:

252-PSFW,Phase Loss & Unbalance Relay.

252-PSGW,Phase Loss & Unbalance + Under Voltage Relay.

Synchro Check Relay ( Paralleling Relay ):

256-PLLW,Synchro Check Relay.

256-PLDW,Synchro Check Relay with DeadBus.

Thermistor Relay:

252-PMMW,Thermistor Relay Manual Reset.

252-PMTW,Thermistor Relay Auto Reset.

Earth Leakage & Ground Fault relay:

373-ELRW,Earth Leakage Relay 100-250Vac/dc.

373-GFRW,Ground Fault Relay 100-250Vac/dc.

Transducer Trip Relay:

253-PBVW,Transducer Trip relay High/Low.